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The InterfaceIt platform caters for many different types of sales functions, or even a combination of them, within a single platform. The InterfaceIt framework helps you manage and align field sales (One-to-Many), sales from a public presence (Many-to-One) and appointment sales (One-to-One) via a single platform.

Depending on your organisation, industry and sales function, specific platform modules are used to deliver a tailored selling experience for your sales teams and management. With just a tablet, remote sales staff have access to everything needed to sell and can be updated in real-time.

InterfaceIt for One-to-Many

Typically, remote and field sales teams have a long list of prospects to visit in order to generate sales or leads – the “one salesperson to many prospects” approach.

InterfaceIt makes your One-To-Many sales force more likely to succeed, before they go out, while they are in the field, and during follow up and contract completion.

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InterfaceIt for Many-to-One

For many industries, sales teams located and available in public places provides an efficient mechanism to sell to many prospects. This approach, where the sales person can interact with a flow of prospects, is enhanced with unobtrusive and engaging materials that aid a natural conversation and selling style.

InterfaceIt helps facilitate many-to-one sales success with engaging content and instant payments for these transient sales opportunities.

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InterfaceIt for One-to-One

For direct sales teams, much of every day is spent in one-to-one meetings and appointments. It’s a highly tailored, personal interaction where the sales person’s ability to persuade and close deals is enhanced by instant access to customer and prospect data.

InterfaceIt improves one-to-one sales success probability with intelligent tools and ‘on-demand’ access to enterprise held customer data.

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